St. Margaret's Anglican

a family of faith


we are anglicans

As an Anglican parish, we believe in the word of God, the Holy Sacraments of Eucharist and Baptism, and in the essential truths of faith as described by the creeds of the early Church.


We are not afraid and we are not in despair, for we know whom we have believed in and are persuaded that He is able. We seek with determination to reintroduce our Christian heritage of faith to a new generation of men and women who will carry the truth forward.

We believe in multi-generational and multi-ethnic expressions of community and grace. We seek to share our testimonies and God’s mercy in unity and compassion. We share the knowledge and truth of God’s work at the cross of Calvary with any who seek salvation.

It’s our hope to introduce you to our ever present savior and that you will welcome him into your world. His name is Jesus, and through his supernatural presence all things can be made new.


Our worship is grounded in the traditions and orthodoxy of the past with an appreciation for the culture of the present. We revere the Bible as our guide and compass for life and the book of Common Prayer as our discipline of daily devotion. We see these texts as classic expressions of our Anglican Faith and include them in our services.

We celebrate the joy of our salvation and the passion of our suffering Christ with the Holy Sacrament of Eucharist. Our services are traditional in the sense that they include classic liturgical worship and are accompanied by familiar hymns. Our priest’s are also pastors and teachers of the word, familiar with the wisdom of the bible and all its richness, and we carefully study its passages during each and every service.


It is not just the doctrines that we claim to believe in, but the way we live them out. It is not just about our theology or doctrine of faith, it is about the grace, redemptive faith, and ever growing life of Jesus Christ within us. It’s about starting over and getting back up, to us it’s about grace.

We’re a parish of broken men and women, redeemed by the blood of Christ. We understand much of the suffering of this life and the power and strength that comes from church. We invite you to share and grow with us as we help each other along in our faith…. just like a family.


Sunday 10 AM

Each Sunday morning we gather to share in our celebration of Christ and to remember His ultimate gift of salvation from sin, death, and hell. We share of our time, talents, and resources in a willing sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. Each service is approximately 90 minutes long and includes receiving the Eucharist blended with a time of liturgical worship and teaching from the bible. Our services include the seasonal observation of Holy Days and Weeks throughout the year.