At a time when cultures are clashing and the new values and norms of society are conflicting with the old and traditional, St. Margaret’s Anglican stands clearly on the word of God as its guide and anchor. We long for each and every person to experience the hope and peace of Christ Jesus and to allow Him a place in their hearts for eternity.

It is the gift of the Gospel that saves the soul and the surrender of our hearts to His will that opens the door to a new life and a renewed purpose. If you are searching for answers and struggling to make sense of your situation, we are here.

Not to correct you or redirect you, but to listen. We pledge to genuinely take the time to hear your story and to share our own, and if you want, we’ll pray with you. We want to introduce you to the one who makes all things new.

If you are unfamiliar with the Anglican tradition no problem and no pressure, come and see for yourself. We have a friendly parish community that would love to share a cup of coffee and learn more about you and your story no matter your background, history, or struggle.

For more information please contact us via this website or call our church office at 603-447-2404